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Compliance Features

  • MailStore Server enables 100% complete archiving of all emails within the company.
  • Archived emails are identical to the originals in every aspect.
  • Retention periods can be enforced.
  • Changes and events are logged via an integrated auditing feature in Windows event log.
  • Auditor access possible via special "auditor" user type.


  • Generation of SHA1 hash values from email content
  • Internal AES256 encryption of email texts and attachments
  • No direct access by MailStore client components to the archive files
  • It is not possible to change email content, either in the graphical interface or in the internal program.
  • Automatic and immediate archiving of all emails as they are received and sent prevents tampering before archiving via MailStore server

Long-Term Access to the Archive

MailStore Server is not tied to a proprietary file format. All archived emails can be exported in a single step at any time in the standard RFC822 format, which has established itself over 25 years. The exported files can be opened and edited in most email programs. In addition, MailStore Server offers many other export and restore functions.



Not a One Way Street after MailStore

MailStore Server provides a number of export features that enable you to restore individual emails, entire mailboxes, or all emails from an archive.

Supported Export Destinations

  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes
  • Mailboxes from any email server (IMAP)
  • Forwarding via SMTP
  • Directory in file system (RFC822 EML, MSG, and PST files)
  • Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
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